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1. Sign up for a Bookshare Ireland account

Apply to Bookshare Ireland by selecting the Sign Up link below. The Bookshare Ireland application needs to be registered in the name of the applying student. Once your Bookshare Ireland account is activated, you will be able to search and download books in accessible digital formats to your device.

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2. Choose your favourite book

Access the largest global collection of digital books in customizable formats for work, school, college, or the joy of reading. With over 1.2 million accessible titles available in PDF, EPUB, BRF, Word, and DAISY format.

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3. Pick your preferred reading method

Read your digital titles on standard smartphones, tablets and computers using your own assistive technology. You can also download the Free Easyreader App by Dolphin to your smartphone or tablet. This App amongst other features, provides text to speech and text expansion software to the Bookshare Ireland downloaded content.

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