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How Does It Work?

Bookshare Ireland makes reading easier
Students with dyslexia, blindness, vision impairment or other reading barrier can sign up to Bookshare Ireland and customize their experience to suite their learning style. Students can find books they need for school, college, work or the joy of reading.

  • Customize your reading experience
  • With ebooks available in audio, audio+ highlighted text, braille, large font and other formats.

  • 1,200,000 Titles
  • Available in the largest library of textbooks, children’s books, career resources and more for students with reading barriers.

  • Read Anywhere
  • On almost any device, including smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, computers, and assistive technology devices.

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    It’s a free service for those who qualify

    Bookshare Ireland is a free service available to all NCBI Library members.

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    Instantaneous download of your books.

    Once your Bookshare Ireland account is active, you can access the largest global collection of books in customisable formats for learning and leisure 24/7.

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    Pick your preferred reading format.

    Upon selecting your title in Bookshare Ireland, you can customize your reading experience with accessible books available in your preferred format including: audio, large or highlighted print, or Braille.

    How to Find Books

    The quickest way to find a book with Bookshare Ireland is to type the author’s name, or title of the book or keywords in the search box. You can also search by ISBN number. If the title you are looking for is not available on Bookshare Ireland, you can contact us and and we will do our utmost to source an electronic file directly from the publisher.

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    How to Read Books

    Students with dyslexia can now read with dyslexia friendly fonts. Vision impaired readers can expand the text on their screens, adjusting colour and contrast. Blind readers can access Braille ready files(BRF) and audio MP3 recordings as well as DAISY Books. One of our recommended assistive technology tools is the Free Easyreader App by Dolphin.

    Watch a Video on the EasyReader App
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    Bookshare with the EasyReader App

    You can access your Bookshare Books using the EasyReader App by Dolphin. Once the EasyReader App is downloaded to your device, you can then search Bookshare Ireland and download books to your smart phone or tablet. The Webinar in the link below shows you how to search, download and make the most of the EasyReader App.

    Webinar- Making the Most of Bookshare with Easyreader

    Bookshare and the Mercury 12

    Below is the Webinar link demonstrating Bookshare Ireland with the Mercury 12.

    Bookshare Ireland and the Mercury12

    Are we missing a book? Request it!

    Are you searching for a book which is currently unavailable with Bookshare? If so, please send us your request via our Contact Form, and we can check the availability of the book directly with the Publisher. Your request should include: title, author, ISBN and Publisher details if available.

    Request a Book

    Become a part of our accessible community.

    Are you a Publisher and would like to share your titles with Bookshare? We would be delighted to incorporate your books into our global, or national Bookshare collections. Click the links to view our current Partners, or view our Partnership opportunities page, or contact us directly via our Contact form.

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