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Publisher partnerships

We work with publishers to provide their accessible files through Bookshare.ie for use by print-disabled learners at all educational levels; Early Years through to Higher Education.

We also work closely with The Irish Publishers Association to promote the benefits of Bookshare.ie to publishers and encourage engagement on the accessibility agenda.

How publishers support us:

  • Supply digital files to us when they become available to the general public, providing equal and  timely access for people with print disabilities
  • Supply back catalogues of their digital files, making their books immediately accessible and reducing the need to process individual
  • Provide high quality digital files, ensuring readers have an excellent reading experience
  • Provide digital files in formats that can be easily converted into accessible versions.

Benefits for publishers:

  • We provide a direct request service for books not yet on the site – offering a faster, more streamlined service for both publishers and end users
  • Opportunities to meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, while reducing the time and costs of providing accessible files and gaining additional marketing opportunities to reach educators