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To reset your password to go:  Forgot Password  and enter  your email address. You will be emailed a link to create a new password.

Users can read our EPUB format on their Apple computers and iOS mobile devices (such as the iPhone) using iBooks.

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Search for a book using the search box at the top of the page.

  3. After finding the book in the search results, select EPUB from the download format drop-down menu, then select the Download button.

  4. Once the book has completed packaging select the option to download the prepared file.

  5. Select the option to Open in Apple Books button.

Each web browser and software program may save your books in different locations. For Windows computers, check your downloads folder or your documents folder you do not find the file there, you can also search your computer for the downloaded book. The filename will be the first few words of the title of the book with underscoresreplacingYou can search your computer by clicking the start button and selecting search on a windows computer (or by pressing control and shift on a Mac). If you are still unable to locate the book, you are welcome to contact customer service or try downloading the book again.

To download BRF files using a computer or Braille note-taker, please follow the steps below. Please note that these steps do not work when using a tablet or smartphone to download BRF files.

  1. Log into your account

  2. Locate a book using the search box

  3. Select the title of the book

  4. Select BRF from the download format drop down (combo) box, then press the download button

  5. If asked whether you would like to Open or Save the file, please choose Save, then select a location where you can easily find it

Note:  Most web browsers save files to the Downloads folder by default.

Find a Book

Go to the Search box at the top of the home page for the library. Type a word or phrase that contains the title, the author, or keywords from the book into the search box.

Our powerful search engine will check the titles, author names, and the contents of all books in the library.

Download the Book

Once you find a book you like, you are ready to download it and read it!

Read the Book

The most popular ways to read our books are: audio only, in braille on a refreshable braille device, or with synchronized audio and word highlighting.

  • Audio, used by people who are blind, or in situations where viewing the text version is not possible
  • Audio and Text Highlighting, especially helpful for people with learning differences like dyslexia or eye-tracking issues
  • Braille, such as on a refreshable braille device, or embossed.

There are multiple ways to listen to books:

  • iOS or Android Apps
    • If you use a reading tool that can voice the text of a book, such as  Dolphin’s EasyReader, you can find the book, open it and listen to it directly on that reading tool
  • Apple Books
    • If you are accustomed to reading using Apple Books, then download the book in EPUB and open it in Apple Books, which offers a read aloud function
  • Microsoft Word or Edge Browser:
    • If you use Word,  then download the book in DOCX and open it in Word, which has an Immersive Reader option that reads aloud
    • If you use the Edge browser, then download the book in EPUB, and open it in your browser, which has an Immersive Reader option that reads aloud
  • Audio Players (DAISY Audio or MP3)
    • If you use a player that requires either a DAISY audio or MP3 file, you will need to find and download the book from this website as an Audio file. Then, you can move the file to the player to open and listen to it being played.
    • The majority of the books available in Audio are produced by a “Text-to-Speech” (TTS) engine that uses computerized voices. This TTS engine can produce English language books.
    • In addition to more TTS languages, the Library is now adding human-narrated audio books.

DAISY and BRF are digital formats for accessible materials (DAISY  stands for Digital  Accessible Information System, and BRF stands for Braille Ready Format).

  • DAISY formatted books can be read as audio only or they can be  read with audio and  synchronized word highlighting at the same time. If you want audio only, you can choose our DAISY Audio download format. If you would like to hear the book and have the words highlighted onscreen, choose either our DAISY text or DAISY with images format. You will need software or a mobile application that can read these files. BRF is a digital braille file that can be read with a refreshable braille display  device and other assistive technology software. You can choose whether you want contracted or uncontracted braille in your account preferences.

For more information about software that will read our books, go here: Reading Tools.

Bookshare Ireland is available for all people with a print disability. This includes visual impairment, reading difficulties or a physical disability that limits a person’s
ability to read standard print. For more information, visit the Do I Qualify? page, or get into contact with us via [email protected].

As an NCBI Library member, accessing Bookshare is free.